Here’s Why You Need to Go Out of Your Way to Seek Discomfort

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash

When was the last time you tried something new?

Or, have you recently turned down an opportunity to try something new?


Some might say there’s still a lot of youth ahead of me; besides, it’s not like I’m 80. That’s true, but I am often reminded of the standards to which I am held ‘as an adult’. As such, I can no longer afford certain recklessness. Even then, the image of a regretful person on my deathbed leaves me anxious because that is precisely who I do not want to be as I bid the world adieu.

Watching Yes Theory videos, I was challenged to upset the balance in my own life. My life had become painfully predictable, and even the weekends which were supposed to lose the monotony of the workweek felt like an extension of the same thing: rinse and repeat. The more aware I became of the dull repetitiveness of my existence, the more the Yes Theory motto of seek discomfort became a nagging thought at the back of my mind.

“Every day, do something that makes you uncomfortable.”

That one statement turned my longing for audacity into a clear plan of action.

Too many times, we stick with our routine because it’s comfortable, easy to retrieve and — maybe most damning — convenient. You want to start eating healthy but because of the extra effort it’ll take to prepare your meals yourself, you retreat to the comforting familiarity of convenience.

You have a role you would like to apply for, but because you are so intimidated by the requirements of the role, you talk yourself out of applying, sitting instead with the ‘comfort’ of a role you have long outgrown. Or, you have a crush but wouldn’t dare introduce yourself to them, much less tell them how excited you are about them #hardguy. Yet, every time you see a LinkedIn post about someone who’s just gotten their dream job or a new couple making their relationship IG official, you sigh wistfully, waiting for a tomorrow where you finally have those things.

But what if the things you want are on the other side of seeking discomfort?

What if trying something new is what it’ll take for you to finally have that thing you’ve always wanted?

Seek discomfort. I promise I will too.

*This piece has been published on Bellanaija under another title.

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